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Awakening Ancestral Wisdom

Ancestral Lineage Healing

Sacred Practices For Personal & Cultural Healing


Earth Honoring Ritual .:. Cultural Healing .:. Embodying Ancestral Gifts

Ancestral Lineage Healing Session

One Hour Session $90

New Clients {Initial Session} $125 (90-minute session)

Initial session (90-minutues) ~ Guided ritual assessment of your 4 primary blood lineages, and connection with an ancestral guide on one chosen lineage.


I am committed to the accessibility of this work. If you are drawn to ancestral healing and cannot afford the above cost due to marginalization, systemic oppression, or other economic injustices please email me.

In the case that you can afford to offer more than the above cost, please consider donating to the scholarship fund ( which provides low-cost access to those who would otherwise be unable to engage in this work.


What Is Ancestral Healing?

The Ritual Framework

Each session is anchored in ritual safety through the practitioner’s facilitation and connection with their own wise and loving ancestors


Step 1. Assessing the wellness of your 4 primary blood lineages

You’ll be guided to gather insight about the overall health of the lineage as a whole. This step will help us to better understand the trouble in each ancestral line and it’s impact on your life. To ensure safety, there is no direct engagement/connection with the lineages (or individuals) at this step.

Step 2. Connecting with a well ancestral guide

After the assessment we can discern which lineage would be most helpful (and usually most well) to begin the work of connection and healing. You’ll be guided to meet an ancestor on one of your lineages. During this time you’ll be able to gather spiritual knowledge about this line, their time on earth, as well as their blessings and burdens.

Step 3. Healing the older dead

With the guidance of the ancestral guide and the ones before, those not yet well in the lineage will be contained in a cocoon of healing and prayerful intention. At this step, we’ll check in with the guides to see if some of the older dead are ready to ancestralize. During this process you allow the ancestral guides to facilitate the healing work.

Step 4. Healing the recent dead

At this step we’ll slow down the process to ensure that the older dead have integrated and are well received by the ancestors. Offerings will continue to be made throughout this process (typically after the session). Again, we will look to the guides for moving the recent dead out of the cocoon and into the realm of ancestors.

Step 5. Embodying & extending blessings

Once all of the dead have ancestralized, integrated, and are well seated ancestors, you will be guided to receive the healed energy of the lineage into your physical being. A further fanning out of the healed lineage energy will be offered to extended family, those still living, and to the larger collective.

Reminder: This approach is driven by the well ancestors. You will never be asked to engage with toxic energy from the dead who are not-yet-well. For ritual safety you will engage this work embodied, grounded, and with protection and boundaries.

>> After each session you will receive written notes with ritual prescriptions for deepening into the ancestral connection <<

What To Expect During An Ancestral Lineage Healing Session

Ancestral lineage healing is an experiential and ritually informed process, developed by Dr. Daniel Foor. During our time together I will create a safe space to guide you in connecting with your four blood lineages (mother’s mother, mother’s father, father’s father & father’s mother). Over several sessions you will assess the overall wellness of your lineages, connect with an older ancestral guide, receive blessings, gather insight into their sacred practices, create relationship with the well ancestors who will facilitate the healing work for those who are not yet ancestors (recent and older dead), and reclaim ancestral lineage gifts.

As the practitioner I will ensure that you stay grounded, well resourced from your guides, and most importantly are allowing the healing work to be driven by the well ancestors (and not yourself). During our session I will be taking notes that you will receive at the end of our time, including ritual prescriptions for deepening into the work after the session (i.e. offerings, ancestral research, whatever the ancestors might ask). 


Why Ancestral Lineage Healing

earth reconnection

Earth Reconnection & Ritual

The ancient voices of Deep Time are beckoning us to come back into relationship. Through the process of coming into connection with our older earth-honoring ancestors we receive guidance on how to respectfully engage with the Earth. In our awakening to these old ways we learn how to attune with, embody our ancient language, and exchange sacred offerings. The other-than-human realm is our oldest ancestor, our beloved kin.

Cultural Healing

As a white woman of Northern European ancestry I am committed to the process of cultural healing through the actions of ancestral lineage repair, reparations, political action, and ritual grief work. The cultural toxins of white supremacy, racism, sexism, late stage capitalism, and patriarchy cannot be fully transformed until we acknowledge their origins in our ancestral lineages. When we embody the blessings of our lineage we are better able to alchemize the traumas and burdens of our ancestors. We are accountable in awakening to and dismantling these cultural toxins. As a practitioner of this work, I honor each individual through the lens of their spiritual or religious practices, gender identity and gender expression, race, sexual orientation, and economic background.

cultural healing

wise womxn witch wound ancestral healing

Embodying Ancestral Gifts And Blessings

Each of our blood lineages contain ancestral gifts and blessings that can support us in our lives. Truly embodying our lineages gifts can nurture not only our physical health but resource us in navigating our soul’s calling. These ancestral gifts are most often the antidote to our inherited ancestral burdens. When we are resourced and anchored in the blessings of our well ancestors we can at last experience a rooted belonging. Living our ancestral gifts is a way of honoring our lineages and keeps us in good relations with our people and the other-than humans.


Cultivating A Relationship With The Dead

becoming an ancestor

“If the ancestors are so powerful, why don’t they assist in healing the dead on their own?”

… because we haven’t asked them to.

We all have older lineage ancestors who tended to their dead through rituals that ensured the safe passage of their people into the realm of becoming a well seated ancestor. Unfortunately, the majority of modern day humans are not raised with a framework for relating to the dead. Our severance from ancestral tending has caused us to suffer in ways that can be seen and felt in the on-going systemic oppressions that we live with today. Ancestor reverence is about relationship, the cultivation of, and the tending to. So many of us who consider ourselves deeply spiritually beings look to other people, and other cultures to satisfy our longing for belonging, greatly overlooking the wisdom and love that lies within our blood lineages.

Assertions of relating with the dead

  • Consciousness continues after death

  • The process of death does not automatically make you well in spirit

  • The living and the dead can communicate with one another

  • The living and dead can impact one another (directly, indirectly, positively and negatively)

Ancestral Lineage Healing Is Right For You If:

  • You long to engage with the earth-honoring wisdom of your ancestors and embody their ancestral gifts

  • You have trans-generational trauma in your lineages and are unsure how to break the cycle of familial toxins

  • You want to ensure that ancestral burdens cease causing harm to you, your living family, and the collective of humans and other-than-humans

  • You have a desire to connect with your ancestors from a non-dogmatic and non-appropriative framework

  • You want to deepen your skills in ritual, intuition, and embodied practice

  • You want to ensure the work you offer to others is rooted in the spiritual guidance of your ancestors

  • You desire a way to engage in cultural healing that is anchored in kindness and the pro-active celebration of ancestral diversity