Reclaiming Our Ancestral Wisdom

A 6-week Guided Initiation to awaken & reclaim the wise woman within

Santa Fe, New Mexico | February 2018

What would it feel like to truly belong in a way where your deepest knowing cannot be assigned to a time and place, but to a bone memory, an ancient knowing that is awakened among the dark moon, along the forest edges and through ancestral connection?


Santa Fe New Mexico Workshop

Gathering the bones of our ancestors

We will explore our ancestral roots and lineages through researched genealogy and experiential practices in journeying, dreamwork, and guided visualization. 

Together, we will share our stories, navigate the emotional terrain of familial and ancestral trauma, and honor our wise ones who continue to guide us. 

Embodying our wise woman lineage 

The wise woman, the seer, the witch. There are many names given to women who have been the healers in their communities. Our lineages reach back 200,000 years. Our ancestors once lived in deep communion with the Earth, the elements, the plants and animals. Let's awaken these stories and reclaim our heritage as descendants of the wise woman.

Adrienne Sloan workshop santa fe, NM

Wisewoman workshop santa fe, nm

Weaving our medicine story for the New Year

Story has always guided our human evolution. As the steady migrations swept across the Indo-European landscape of Old Europe their stories and myths traveled with them. These stories are our stories. 

What narratives do we weave about who we are, where we came from and where we are going? Can we embody the ancestral wisdom we carry within our bones to help us inform and rewrite our stories for the coming year? 

Will you answer the call to Reclaim your Ancestral Wisdom?

Along this journey you will awaken to your inherent wisdom that has been passed through you from your ancestors, the human and more-than-human ancestors. You will create and embody your personal medicine story, a story that will guide you along your journey and bring forth the gifts of your ancestors.

I hope you'll join me.

An Experiential 6-Week Journey


(attendance is limited to 8 women)

Our group will meet each Thursday evening from 6pm - 7:30pm beginning on February 1st, 2018 in Santa Fe, NM

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