Embodying The Wise Woman Within

Weave A Deep Relationship With Land, Place, And Ancestral Connection

An Experiential Workshop Series

Begins Saturday January 13th


Belonging To Land & Place

We have forgotten how to cultivate a relationship with the land, and the place in which we live. We have forgotten how to awaken our senses so we might embody the wild as we wander. As we step through these thresholds of belonging we awaken a remembering, a way of being with the stones, the wind, the birds. 

You will be guided into a initiation of remembrance. Together we will wander the landscape, listening and embodying the ancient wisdom of the land. Each person will have an opportinity to sit in silence, to cultivate relationship with the animate, and to give an offering. 

Saturday January 13th                                              10:30am - 2pm 

Location: Galisteo Basin Preserve                 $45

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Connecting With Your Ancestors

Many of us lack the awareness of who are ancestors are. We know little beyond our great grandparents. Connection to our lineages have become broken, fragmented and lost. The ancestral knowledge of the wise women in our families have not been passed along. Without this connection, we often feel aloof and ungrounded. We can awaken this wisdom and knowledge through ancestral remembrance.  

Building upon the previous workshop, you will be guided to connect with the land, to find a threshold to step over and from there you will gather the bones of ancestral remembrance. With the help of the stones, the plants, and animal guides you find a thread that hold this ancestral wise woman connection. 

Saturday January 27th                                         10:30am - 2pm 

Location: Plaza Blanca (near Abiquiu)         $45

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Attuning The Body With The Wisdom Of The Earth

Our bones, blood, and breath hold wisdom and story. Our highly-sensitive nervous system can help us attune to the wild landscape, and yet often it can steer us away through anxiety, self-doubt, and self-criticism.

Expanding upon the practices from the previous workshops we will listen to our body as it moves through the landscape. We will notice what calls to us for healing when we simply ask for help. What messages, stories, and wisdom have been stored in the body? This is an opportunity to develop your intuition, to befriend the wisdom of your body and to attune with the healing frequencies of the natural world. 

Saturday February 17th                                                     10:30am - 2pm

Location: Galisteo Basin Preserve                     $45

Embodying the wise woman within Santa Fe, New Mexico

Join Us For One Workshop Or All Three

Each workshop is a journey unto itself. There is no prerequisite for attending any of the workshops. Those who attend all 3 workshops will benefit from the process of building upon the workshops, as well as a discounted price.

$45/per workshop or $120 for all 3 workshops


Workshop Logistics


Workshops will be held outdoors at Galisteo Basin Preserve and Plaza Blanca. Both locations have a small parking area with a trailhead. We will be on and off trail at both locations. Both trails are easy walking. A "base camp" area will be set-up not too far from the trailhead. Each person will make the decision for themselves about how far they wish to wander during the guided experience. 


Expect all weather during the winter months. We will likely have a cool temperature although direct sun at our higher altitude can be quite hot at times. Please be prepared for any type of weather. 


There are no restroom services at either location. Please be prepared to experiece the Wild.


We love visits from our animal and reptile friends. Please know that it is possible to see and encounter a wide variety of wildlife. Please be aware of your surroundings, and respectful to our wild friends. 

Food & Water

Please bring with you any snacks and water you wish to have during this workshop. Bring more water than you think you will need. There is no available drinking water at either location. 

** You will receive a detailed schedule a week before each workshop