Why Ancestral Lineage Healing

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Earth Reconnection & Ritual

The ancient voices of Deep Time are beckoning us to come back into relationship. Through the process of coming into connection with our older earth-honoring ancestors we receive guidance on how to respectfully engage with the Earth. In our awakening to these old ways we learn how to attune with, embody our ancient language, and exchange sacred offerings. The other-than-human realm is our oldest ancestor, our beloved kin.

Cultural Healing

As a white woman of Northern European ancestry I am committed to the process of cultural healing through the actions of ancestral lineage repair, reparations, political action, and ritual grief work. The cultural toxins of white supremacy, racism, sexism, late stage capitalism, and patriarchy cannot be fully transformed until we acknowledge their origins in our ancestral lineages. When we embody the blessings of our lineage we are better able to alchemize the traumas and burdens of our ancestors. We are accountable in awakening to and dismantling these cultural toxins. As a practitioner of this work, I honor each individual through the lens of their spiritual or religious practices, gender identity and gender expression, race, sexual orientation, and economic background.

cultural healing

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Embodying Ancestral Gifts And Blessings

Each of our blood lineages contain ancestral gifts and blessings that can support us in our lives. Truly embodying our lineages gifts can nurture not only our physical health but resource us in navigating our soul’s calling. These ancestral gifts are most often the antidote to our inherited ancestral burdens. When we are resourced and anchored in the blessings of our well ancestors we can at last experience a rooted belonging. Living our ancestral gifts is a way of honoring our lineages and keeps us in good relations with our people and the other-than humans.