The Call For Wise Womxn To Step Forward In 2018

 Adrienne Sloan | Wise Woman Counsel & Spiritual Mentorship


We are witnessing the darkest shadows surface in our collective consciousness and within ourselves. While some of us run screaming and fall into despair, others are taking action. There is no one way, no right or wrong way of experiencing this time we find ourselves in. It is no surprise that women are returning to ancient wisdom, calling upon their ancestors and embodying their internal and external power as witches and wise women.

What have you noticed shifting within yourself this past year? It is often at the crossroads of fear and love that we find our deepest magic. This past year I have felt empowered in my vision, and also fear that my vision could in no way be actualized. I have learned to allow both of these feelings rise to the surface for further examination. In those moments when I want to run, push away the dark shadow, or sabotage my efforts I have chosen to work with magic.

Magic, for me, involves calling on the co-creative energies of the Life Force, of Spirit, of Source. Magic does not reside in our egoic state of mind, in fact, it does not dwell with the mind at all. As a lover of learning, I have spent more time this past year reading books, studying, and researching than I ever did in college. I can easily get stuck in my head and “forget” that my most powerful action resides in my ability to shift my consciousness, and step into a more expanded consciousness where the realm of magic exists.

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Our dominant culture favors the rational, practical and evidence-based way of approaching life. This is why so many of us do not trust in our intuition, devalue the importance of creativity and play, and therefore leave little to no time to engage in these realms where Spirit and Source prevail. As a mental health professional working in community mental health, I was not encouraged to work from a place of intuition, to invite in practices that would offer my clients connection with the Sacred. I was to only work with mental health practices that had been proven effective, were formulaic and appeased the funding sources. This utterly broke my spirit.

I stepped away from this world of managed mental health so I could reconnect with my ancient and ancestral wisdom, my witch wisdom, the co-creative and intuitive wisdom that had always called out to me. When I began graduate school to become a mental health therapist I thought I was making a wise choice, a choice that would allow me to truly help others and to make a living. But it was not the way for me, it hurt my heart that I was unable to work from that deep source of connectedness and magic. I recently returned to clinical work with Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council and feel that here I will be supported in bringing together my clinical and spiritual gifts. So much of how we're guided is thorugh patience and divine timing. 

Although I have always spoken with the realms of Spirit, somewhere within I didn’t actually believe that surrendering deeper into this path would help me stay tethered to the physical plane, or support me in the ways I needed to be in order to be a part of this society. This past year I decided to call in this wisdom and knowledge I always wanted more of but was afraid to. I’ve spent more time shifting into non-ordinary states of consciousness, practicing spells, working my magic, sitting at my ancestor altar, journeying to meet with guides, human and animal guides, ancestor guides, and engaging with a community of womxn who are also wise and embody their witch power.


I did not write this to tell you that I’ve made it, that I’m now making that elusive six-figures, or to say that I have fully arrived because of these choices I made. I write this to offer you hope, to encourage you to sit at that crossroads of fear and empowerment, both are fleeting, and both hold wisdom. My hope is that you don’t move into this coming year with doubts about your magic and ability to speak with the Divine. I want all of us that are called to take the leap into awakening more. This year will be the year that our patriarchal system further crumbles and transmutes into something more inclusive and compassionate. I want you to be witness to this transformation fully cloaked in your magic.

That fire you feel within is also contained within the thread that we each hold. It is an ancestral thread, the song of our wise woman lineages calling out to us to take action on behalf of our collective, our communities and ourselves. We are not being asked to wait until we are ready until we feel composed until we are perfect. We are allowed to wield our magic imperfectly, to be messy and awkward, to risk more than we have ever asked of ourselves. And I am right there with you. Some days I awake fierce and feeling empowered, only to have the next day feel uncertain and doubting myself. But I keep practicing.

So, wise womxn, how will you enter 2018? I hope you know you are magic, that your visions are worthy of becoming manifest into this world. I want you to know that embracing your witch wisdom is your birthright. The stones of Deep Time, the river, the Oak trees, the bear, and the plants that surround you are also calling out to you. You will not fail if you are connected to Spirit, connected to Source. You have the guidance and wisdom of thousands of ancestors weaving stories for you, of you, and alongside you.


Hey, Wise Womxn

I'm Adrienne, I guide folxs to awaken and reclaim their ancestral belonging so they can feel deeply embodied in the work they feel called to.