Awakening Ancestral Wisdom Mentorship

Ancestral healing support for healers, mystics, and spiritual practitioners

Can You Hear Your Ancestors Calling? 

Have you ever longed to Be In Relationship With Your Loving And Wise Ancestors? What if you could feel more skillful in speaking with them, and embody your lineage gifts with support and guidance?

It can feel isolating to dive into this journey of ancestral healing and reconnection alone. The Awakening Ancestral Wisdom Mentorship is a safe and supportive space to receive guidance and share your ancestral healing journey with other healers, mystics, and spiritual practitioners.

Will You Join Us?

Monthly Mentorship

A Supportive pathway for connecting with your Ancestors 

Monthly Mentorship Includes:


Monthly Live Group Call

Each month we’ll gather online to share our stories, grief, and curiosities related to our ancestral healing journey. Each 90-minute call will take place via Zoom and be recorded for those unable to attend live.


 Lesson Library

You’ll have access to a growing online library of mini-lessons related to ancestral connection, reverence, ritual, and healing.


Private Group Forum

A safe and supportive online group forum will be available for those who wish to share their journey with others and receive guidance along the way.

Monthly Memberships Start At $33

Who This Mentorship is For:

Healers, Mystics, and The Sensitive Ones Who…

Yearn to have a deeper and embodied relationship with their ancestors, the Earth, and their innate powers for healing


Why Mentorship For Ancestral Healing?


Reclaiming our ancestral birthright of speaking with our ancestors can feel like a lonely journey.

The healing work that takes place within the lineage repair process is often interwoven with layers of unacknowledged grief. It can be challenging to find others that we can share with and help to move this grief.

Because ancestral healing is non-linear, the journey can feel isolating as you weave through the joy and grief of the process. Along the way we all get stuck, experience resistance, and ask ourselves, “Am I making all of this up"?”

And in those moments of coming back into relationship with your people, it’s healing to be witnessed by others who are on their own journey of ancestral healing and reconnection. Many of us find it challenging to share these profound experiences with our families and friends.

Mentorship with an ancestral healing practitioner assures you’ll have the support and guidance needed along this journey.


Teachings Offered In The Lesson Library

A growing library of lessons to support your ancestral healing journey

~ a sample of lesson offerings ~


Reclaiming Intuition

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Our Ancient Human History

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Creating Your Ancestral Story

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I Had a Longing to connect With The Old Ways

I spent a significant part of my life seeking deep connection and belonging that I could not readily find within my family of origin, or among modern culture. I wondered why I felt so different from others. I had a longing to return to a different time and place and yet I couldn’t quite explain what time or place, or exactly why I felt this longing. So, I gently hid that part of myself away. But, as the years unfolded that longing only grew more intense.

I have always felt guidance from my ancestors. Insatiably curious about the dark mysteries of human origin, of our ancient earth-honoring practices, creation stories and rituals, I looked to my relationship with the land and to my ancestors.

I looked to the indigenous cultures that still had earth-based practices but felt the internal conflict of knowing that this was not my culture. My awareness of the toxic and harmful outcomes of cultural appropriation steered me away from even thinking about engaging in practices that could be construed as appropriation. I felt a hollowness inside, a pain that signaled I was deeply alone and without a true belonging. 

But the longing still remained.


Adrienne 1000px.png

I spent more and more time in solitude among the stones, grasses, rivers and wild ones. I began noticing a language emerge that made sense to me. It was the same language I felt had been guiding me throughout my life, an ancestral language. 

My graduate studies led me into the realm of counseling, depth psychology, dance and equine therapy. Working with the horses, surrounded by the sky and earth, I heard this familiar language emerge once again. It was a primordial, non-verbal language accessed through the senses, the psyche, and the realm of spirits. 

Once again, I felt the guidance of my ancestors. 

The work of ancestral healing was calling to me. Under the guidance and mentorship of Daniel Foor of Ancestral Medicine I became an ancestral healing practitioner. My ancestral healing journey continues to unfold and has been the most potent and transformative experience in my longing for belonging.

This journey was not mine alone. This was a journey to reclaim and remember my ancestral roots, and my inherited lineage gifts, and to share this work with others who feel deeply called to embody their ancestral belonging.

Frequently Asked Questions

>> How much time will I need to dedicate to the course each week?

This program is designed for you to explore, experience and process. The time dedicated is up to you. At minimum I would suggest an hour to 2 hours.

>> How is the program delivered?

This program will be delivered online via Teachable. Once you register you will have access to the Initiation module. This module will guide you through the tools, resources reccomeneded for the program. Each week you will receive the next module. You will receive a link via email, or you can login to the program directly via Teachery.

>> What if I can’t attend the live weekly calls?

Each call will be recorded. You will have access to the recording within 24 hours. The links to the call will be emailed to as well as accessible through the Teachery program page.

>> What if I need more support during the course?

This is a great question! Ancestral work can be emotional and complex as you unravel the story. I will be available via our private live calls for support as well as through email. I will also have discounted individual sessions available for those who would like more in-depth support.

>> What if I don't know anything about my family history?

This is quite common, and not at all necessary in beginning to make connections with your ancestors. The most powerful connections are made through intention and shifting consciousness. These are all practices that will evolve and become easier for you over time.

>> Do you offer refunds?

At this time I am not offering refunds after the purchase has been made. Please be sure that you want to take this course. Remember, you will have lifetime access to the course (including updates and new materials). You are free to go at your own pace.

Reclaiming Our Ancestral Birthright

I now know that my ancestors have always spoken with me.

The more I listened, the more I received. I was being asked to remember, to carry forth our stories as wisewomxn.

Without a deep connection to our ancestral ways of connecting with the land, with place, with the myths & stories, we are lost and untethered. 

We have all come from a lineage of womxn who revered the Earth, gave offerings to the water, and woven these stories into the hearts of their loved ones.

The systemic oppression, and fear cast upon the relationship between womxn and nature nearly destroyed these ancestral ways.

It is time to awaken these stories and weave them back into our body. 

Adrienne Sloan | Calling In Your Sacred Wild

Our bones and our blood contain the stories of our ancestors