Medicine for the Anthropocene

Resourcing ourselves with ancestral wisdom and our mythic belonging so we can stay with the trouble and co-create a radical future

Let's Work Together

You have a purpose for being here at this time on earth

Your wise and ancient ancestors are calling out, asking you to remember your belonging, asking you to come back into relationship with so you can awaken to your calling and be resourced through these troubled times.

You are a mystic, a seeker, a wise one able to bring the old ways across the threshold and into this modern world. This isn't something you have chosen to be, and yet here you are. 

There is a great responsibilty in this calling requiring a depth of healing and nurturing. What would it be like for you to reclaim your sovereignty, trust in your intuition, and be guided by the wise elders in your ancestral lineages? 

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"Adrienne has a gift in guiding ancestral healing work. Navigating generational trauma, integrating what is learned along the way, and providing compassionate listening and reflection are just a few of the many ways that Adrienne has supported my path with this work"

Tara Lanich laBrie

Creator of Magical Fare, Seasonal & Healing Recipes, Transformative Rituals

Hello, I'm Adrienne {she/her}

I've been waiting to meet you, a kindred soul seeking a deeper connection with the unseen, and a longing to be in relationship with those wise ones in your lineages. 

I support healers, seekers, and sensitive visionaries like you to reclaim ancestral wisdom and trust in inner knowing so you fully embody your belonging and awaken to your path and calling.

My approach is informed by my training in ancestral lineage healing, psychotherapy and depth psychology, animist ritual, the mythic and imaginal realms, and my personal journey of healing with my ancestors.

In these troubled times we are truly being called to step into our destiny, will you join me? 

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Let's Work Together

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Ancestral Healing Group Membership

An online collective of seekers, healers, and visionaries invested in embodying their path & calling through ancestral connection and ritual healing. 

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Individual Coaching & Mentorship

In-depth coaching & mentorship to support you in reclaiming your sovereignty and cultivating intuitive gifts with the guidance of your ancestors.


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Medicine for the Anthropocene

Resourcing with the imaginal realm to co-create our visions for collective liberation

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